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Good Reasons to Learn Magic Tricks

Good Reasons to Learn Magic Tricks

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Card tricks you can do

Is it the mystery? Is it the glamour? Or is it the memories created by that man inside the black cape at your favorite party when he pulled a rabbit out of a hat? Perhaps you just desire to be capable of entertain the children at your son?s birthday. No matter what cause for your interest in Magic, cause lets face it…its really just a whole lot of fun! so yes..learning magic could be for you.

From time innumerable  Magic has forever been captivating  humans. To assume that an individual might have special or supernatural powers makes them extraordinary and perhaps this allure is what makes you want to discover magic tricks ? to grow to be that special individual within the black cape amongst all the smoke and mystery, performing trickery and sleight of hand to amaze everyone!. Read the rest of this entry »

Fun and Basic Card Methods

Fun and Basic Card Tricks

magic card tricks

Card tricks you can do

As a budding magician, you should often carry a pack of cards about with you. They’re tiny props and can simply be produced to carry out straightforward tricks for any prepared audience. Try these enjoyable card tricks:

1. An simple trick to begin with is one making use of a approach referred to as “Card Forcing”. This is exactly where you “force” your volunteer to choose the card you need him to choose. Have a pack of cards ready, having memorized the top card. Inform your audience that you are going to choose six cards from the pack at random. Take the top card (the 1 you’ve memorized) and five other people from the pack. Now location the six cards in two rows of three face down, having your memorized card in the top row on the proper hand (or wherever you want to location it, but bear in mind its position!). Now here?s exactly where the force begins ? ask a volunteer to pick a row. Read the rest of this entry »

Free Magic Tricks: Learn The Super Easy Card Trick! The Whispering Queen!

Wanna Learn More? LIKE us at What’s Up! So in today’s video I got to perform this super easy but fun magic trick to a cool …
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Dynamo Magician Impossible – AMAZING Magic of 2014 NEW Episode |HD|

Dynamo Magician Impossible – AMAZING Magic of 2014 NEW Episode |HD| best in the world magician Dynamo perform his trick to people amazing thorugh fly MAGICIA…

The Magical Candy Mod adds candy that gives special abilities! Enjoy the video? Help me out and share it with your friends! Like my Facebook! http://www.face…

2013 Magic Online Championship Round 4: Tamas Glied vs. Rune Andersen (Modern)

Watch Tamas Glied (Jund) battle Rune Andersen (Ad Nauseam) in the fourth round of the Magic Online Championship. Format; Modern Complete coverage: http://www…
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PhoneArena presents a hands-on video of Magic 2015 Duels of the Planeswalkers.…
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The Boyz Street Magic @ ชะอำ Ft. เชพตี๋

The boyz ,เชพตี๋,ชะอำ,street magic,magic,

Learn Magic Tricks The Impossible Stick or Coin Vanish How to do magic Revealed (Must watch) Vanish a matchstick , coin , stick with your bare hands. (Must watch ) You’ll learn how to do magic tricks just by watching the f…

Join Here To Become A Pro: What’s Up!? So in today’s video I want to teach you a really cool card force! The Dribble Forc…
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Coldplay – Magic (Cover By Derran Day)

FACEBOOK – TWITTER – Check out our Soundcloud – https:…
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Australian Street Magic ft. Petey Majik, Adam Murby & Jay Jay!

Stalk Me – So about 2 years ago I got to be apart of a cool magic pilot with 2 close friends of mine, Petey Majik a…

Cary Tardi: The Street Magic Experiment ” Ambitious Card”

Award winning magician Cary Tardi takes to the streets of Winnipeg to show the locals his impressive brand of street magic.

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