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Learn Magic Trick Online – Static Finger

Make a card rise from a deck of cards!

Learn A Free Magic Trick – How To Strip Magic Invisible Thread. Learn More Free Tricks and Join Our Community Here: www.secretmagiciansclub.com Stripping invisible thread for magic purposes can be frustrating and seem hard at first. In this video I show you how to properly strip invisible thread so that your thread doesn’t get knotted up. Hopefully the simple steps in this video will save you time and hassle. Invisible thread is great for floating dollar bills, playing cards, and many light weight objects.

6 Responses to “Learn Magic Trick Online – Static Finger”

  • Mendingo:

    Very nice, but your explanation isn’t how you did it! You did a double cut to get the card straight back to the top.

    What you did is a much harder method, but is much cleaner as you don’t need to look at the bottom card, nor look properly through the deck.

  • millerchill001:

    doo yoou

  • xanox1:

    Hmm, its to obvious how you do it.

    Could be cool tho :)

  • antonbuckley:

    Thank you!!!

  • Noran Radd:

    @egvalera some dude sells it on his site for $5 a roll. He is wearing a blue pittsburgh penguins jersey in his video. @secretemagicclub great tutorial. You teach better than the guy in the penguins jersey.

  • egvalera:

    Where can I buy the Magic Invisible Thread. I do not have a magic store that is close by to me.

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